National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) provide benchmarks for competent performance. The content is led by demand and based on evidence from industry. The NOS underpin vocational training, apprenticeships and qualifications across the UK, in all sectors and occupations. CITB develops and maintains these standards for the construction industry.

See a list of the occupational areas that CITB works on

You can use these National Occupational Standards to:

  • describe good practice in particular areas of work
  • set out a statement of competence
  • provide resource for a variety of workforce management and quality control tools
  • offer a framework for training and development.

The standards are compiled in 'suites' under occupational areas and can be viewed individually on the National Occupational Standards database.

Off-the-job training

To pass an NVQ or unit for qualification successfully, learners have to provide work-based evidence of their ability. For a limited number of additional items in a unit, it is possible to show their skills in a simulated environment (off-the-job) - although this must be conducted according to assessment regulations.

See the current list of units it's possible to complete in an off-the-job environment (PDF 187KB)

Standards under review

The National Occupational Standards are frequently reviewed, adapted and updated to meet the needs of industry. CITB co-ordinates all the project reviews for construction occupations and encourages your input.

  • If you would like to contribute to these reviews, please give details

See details of the suites under review October to December 2019