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Work-related stress

The law requires all employers to assess the risks of work-related stress and to put steps in place to tackle those risks. The Talking Toolkit can form part of an organisation's response, but should not be used in isolation as the employer's only measure to prevent stress.

Ladder safety pack

The Ladder Association is offering a free ladder safety pack to help improve ladder competence, as part its new ‘Get a grip’ campaign. The pack provides vital information on the recent changes to European ladder standard EN 131. It details the correct way to use and inspect ladders, and the route to obtaining a ladder card through official Ladder Association training.

EH40/2005 Workplace exposure limits – COSHH

New workplace exposure limits for 31 substances have been introduced from 21 August 2018. The latest version of EH40 has been updated to include new and revised workplace exposure limits (WELs) introduced by the 4th Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELV) Directive. It will guide those responsible for controlling exposure to hazardous substances at work.

Mental health at work

A new online gateway was launched on 11 September 2018 to help companies improve staff wellbeing, as new research reveals almost half of the UK population has experienced mental health problems at work. Mental health at work will help you find the information and resources you need.

3D printing in construction

The supposedly revolutionary implications of 3D printing in construction have been discussed for several years now but, as technology advances, it is finally starting to look as if it has genuine usefulness in the real world. The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Construction Manager has five examples of recent construction projects where 3D printing has been employed successfully.