2020 Levy Proposals and Consultation

If the Board approves the recommended Levy Proposals, CITB must then consult with the construction industry the year before the next Levy Order is required. For the 2021 Levy Order, Consultation will take place in 2020. CITB creates a plan to explain the Levy Proposals and obtain industry feedback. This includes but is not limited to providing information on the CITB website www.citb.co.uk; direct communication; online surveys and employer forums.

Consultation on the Levy Proposals will be open from Monday 16 March to Sunday 17 May 2020.

After Consultation, any issues raised by industry are considered by the LWP and they decide whether the Levy Proposals require any changes. Final Levy Proposals are then recommended to the Board for approval.

The Levy Working Party (LWP) represents the views of industry across all three GB nations on the development of the 2020 Levy Proposals. The group discusses, debates, develops and recommends Levy Proposals that will enable CITB to deliver its strategic plan. When the proposals are agreed, the LWP submits its recommendations to the CITB Board.

Once approved, the next stage is known as Consensus which will run from 1 August to 30 September 2020.

The benchmark for achieving consensus has two criteria:

  • More than 50% of likely Levy payers must support the Levy Proposals
  • More than 50% of likely Levy payable must be paid by employers supporting the Levy Proposals.

The final result is calculated by amalgamating the responses from each Prescribed Organisation with the sample of non-represented Levy payers.

Selected employers will be asked this question: "Do you agree that the Levy Proposals are necessary to encourage adequate training in the construction industry?"

Once the results of Consensus are collected, CITB submits the results to the Department for Education and they are published to the construction industry. If the results show that a majority of employers by both number and Levy value support the Levy Proposals, Government will make a new Levy Order.

If Consensus does not demonstrate sufficient industry support for the Levy Proposals, then the government will review the position with CITB and consider further options. This includes approving the Levy Proposals without industry support, submitting fresh Proposals, or making a default order to best protect training and skills development in the industry.

2017 Consensus results

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