Solent Civil Engineering Collaboration - Industry Led Skills Solution Pilot

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Training and development

Sectors and roles, Small employer support

Blanchard Wells

Gracelands Ltd; Carlton Civil Engineering Ltd

England (South)




The project supports the establishment of an employer-led training consortium that increases the capacity of ground working provision in the South (central) area of England. Eleven ground-working companies have created a consortium that will centrally coordinate the delivery of Civil Engineering Operation apprentices with additional plant training at a purpose built centre to make them fully work-ready as ground-workers when they finish their course. The project will develop volunteers from the workforce who are near the end of their careers, into trainers and assessors to deliver this additional training and upskill the existing workforce.

  • 30 mature workforce becoming assessors and achieving ground working NVQs
  • 5 mature workforce becoming trainers and achieving ground working NVQs
  • Research report on multi-skilling in groundworks increasing productivity.

01 Feb 2018

31 Aug 2019