Digital Construction BIM: The Next Generation

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Training and development

Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, Digital and new technology, Sectors and roles, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support, Leadership and management

National Federation of Builders

Project Five; Cross-industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force

Great Britain



Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial, Specialist

This programme will work with SME Tier 1 contractors to identify ten construction projects which will be delivered incorporating BIM technologies and processes across the supply chain.

It will develop and deliver a baseline maturity assessment for collaborative working and BIM, identify the skills and training required to deliver a live BIM project; creating the technical and cultural environment to develop, implement and manage a common data environment on the projects, incorporate BIM and Lean principles to ensure effective and efficient project delivery.

  • Train: 300 individuals in BIM awareness; 100 in BIM Practitioner
  • Develop and deliver Strategic Leadership Programme to 100 senior management professionals
  • Develop and deliver Collaborative Working and Collaborative Production to 100 individuals.

01 Dec 2016

31 Mar 2019