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Changing industry culture, Digital and new technology, Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Careers and recruitment, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support

Hire Association Europe

University of the West of England; HireTrain

Great Britain




The project is based on Hire Association Europe’s objective to invest in new technologies and make training more readily accessible to a wider audience using innovative solutions including 360 degree video, 3D animation, Virtual and Augmented reality and Oculus Rift.

Project delivery methods will include online, mobile, tablet and virtual reality. Topics will cover all of the construction industries key areas.

  • Migrate existing small tools H&S hire training
  • Develop 5 new modules to VR platform and
  • Test with pilot group of 30 users
  • Develop guidance and make available to sector

01 Nov 2016

31 May 2019

End of project summary

The project finished in May 2017.  Some of the VR modules for tool hire training have been developed but at the end of project funding the format was still in its testing phase.  The prototype has been widely demonstrated.