Offsite ready (improving skills for offsite construction)

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Productivity and new ways of working, Digital and new technology, Learning resources, New qualifications and courses

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

Offsite Solutions Scotland; Structural Timber Association; University of Sheffield; National Housebuilding Council; Steel Construction Institute; The Offsite Hub; Build Offsite; College Development Network; Offsite Manufacturing Skills Action Group

Great Britain




The project will deliver the capacity and capability to upskill industry on standardised skills and knowledge in offsite construction.

Training will be a combination of trainer-led and application of online resources. Content will be modular and accredited, purposed for a wide range of uses and mapped to relevant L2-7 qualifications and standards. Guidance will be developed to help trainers contextualise modules to their particular subject area.

The project will enhance materials with experiential learning that includes classroom enrichment, immersive and real-world experiences, as well as a sustainable network of experts to share knowledge, maintain and support the products.

Sustainability will be achieved by hosting on a free online platform in a format compatible with other platforms, thus allowing resources to be freely downloaded and shared. Trainers will be certified once upskilled to deliver the content.

  • Bespoke, free online learning platform and resource repository
  • Offsite competency framework
  • Up to 20 standardised, flexible training modules
  • 500 trainers upskilled in the materials across three nations

01 Apr 2019

31 Jul 2020