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Sectors and roles, Small employer support, Leadership and management

Matthews & Leigh Civil Engineering

Gallagher Training Ltd; KW Associates; Optimum Training Solutions Ltd; Higher Safety Training Services Ltd; North West Services Ltd; Preston’s College




Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial, Specialist

The project will increase the uptake of training by providing incentives to help workers engage in training, promote the sector to new entrants and devise and implement a traineeship to ensure a sustainable talent pipeline.

• 69 employees undertaking Plant Operators NVQ
• 94 employees undertaking Ground-workers NVQ
• 5 employees undertaking Site Supervisor training

01 Jul 2016

30 Jun 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in September 2017.  A comprehensive programme of training and upskilling that used a training needs analysis so that 135 workers received 229 training sessions.  Although less people were trained than anticipated, 18% more training took place than originally planned.