Demolition Manager Refresher Course

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National Federation of Demolition Contractors

Institute of Demolition Engineers





The project will address the challenge that the NDTG does not have a Demolition Manager Refresher Course in place to address the looming skills gap in our sector due to expiring CSCS cards.

In order to fill this gap, the demolition industry needs to develop a fit for purpose Demolition Manager Refresher Course. The course will be piloted to ensure that it fits the requirements of demolition managers in today’s construction Industry.

Development, and pilot, one-day upskilling training programme for Demolition Managers.

01 Jul 2016

31 Jul 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in October 2017. The course has been developed, tested and over 100 card holders have renewed their CCDO Demolition Manager accreditation.