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Sectors and roles, Careers and recruitment

Finishes and Interiors Sector

Dry Lining & Plastering Training Forum (DLPTF); JobCentre Plus; Tyne Met College





The project will extend the existing Special Upskilling Programme (SUP) in dry lining.

The purpose of this is to re-engage the unemployed with previous construction experience in the North East of England.

The projects objective is to encourage the target market to follow a career in construction to reduce the existing skills gap and reduce unemployment, by adapting the existing Specialist Upskilling Programme in dry lining to suit the needs of the client group.

  • Deliver Specialist Upskilling Programme and L2 NVQ in dry lining to 30 unemployed individuals
  • Support them in securing future employment.

01 Jan 2017

31 Jan 2018