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Learning resources, Careers and recruitment

Finishes and Interiors Sector

British Woodworking Federation; NFRC Build UK; HBF; PDA; Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland; DWP; BuildForce; British Woodworking Federation; NFRC

Great Britain




Fit out Futures is made up of three work streams:

  1. BuildBack - which will develop a routeway for employers to access a talent pool within the sector. 
  2. FE to Employment - this enables full time learners to have work experience within the sector and to improve their employment opportunities. This work stream will build confidence for employers to offer work experience placements. 
  3. The final work stream - 'Sector Engagement' will build awareness of the sector to ensure the sector is appropriately qualified. This employer awareness campaign will enable a greater take up of training.
  • 980 individuals will come off benefits as a result of this element of the project
  • 352 candidates will undertake a minimum of 2 weeks’ work experience during the project
  • 31,000 candidates registering for red Experienced Worker CSCS cards over the three years. 

01 Nov 2017

01 Jul 2022