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Learning resources, Careers and recruitment


Simm; William Hare; Carey Group; High Speed; CIOB; RICS; NFRC; Electrical Contracting; Association; Joint Industry Board; HBF; Constructing Excellence; Career Transition Partnership; Royal Tank Regiment; Department of Work and Pensions; Talent Retention Solution*




Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial, Specialist

BuildForce is a collaborative employer-led project, enabling service leavers and veterans to understand and pursue careers in construction and the built environment.

It will deliver training and individual support to translate existing skills, gain new ones and access sustainable employment and progression opportunities in construction companies across the UK. 

*Visit the BuildForce website for the full list of partners. 

  • 50 ex-military into sustained employment 
  • 30 signed up to career progression programmes
  • 50 companies engaged
  • 150 construction ambassadors created
  • Delivery of training and upskilling to 300 ex-military personnel.

01 Jul 2016

31 Mar 2018

End of project summary

This project completed in March 2018.  It delivered training and individual support to Service Leavers to refine their existing skills, gain new ones, and offered access to sustainable employment opportunities in construction companies across the UK.

There were 692 individuals who benefitted directly from this project, of whom 93 were offered jobs in 54 companies by the end of the project. In addition 25 industry events were held resulting in 76 employers engaging with the project.

The main outcome for construction companies has been increased access to the Service Leaver talent pool. For Service Leavers it has been an increased awareness of the opportunities available in the industry.