CITB commissioned projects fund

Each year CITB works with the construction industry to identify gaps and needs in the construction industry and then commissions projects in these areas to fill these gaps and needs. (This fund was previously known as the Structured fund.)

What the fund supports

Bids are invited for funds to:

  • Make construction an attractive career prospect.
  • Ensure training is targeted to where employers need it.
  • Respond creatively to new challenges in construction.

These respond to what industry has identified as its priority themes: Careers, Training and development and Innovation.

How the commissioned project fund works 

Every year CITB commissions projects under each theme identified by industry. Forthcoming and open commissions for 2019 are:

How to apply

  1. We will publish the dates of each commission and a summary of its aims before it opens.
  2. Complete an Expression of Interest form to register your interest. The form will be available before the application window opens.
  3. The funding team will review your form and contact you to discuss your idea. 
  4. If your idea matches all the criteria for the commission, we will guide you through the application process. 

How does the fund help industry? 

CITB works with industry and carries out research to identify areas of the industry that need improvement. We launch commissions to fund solutions for these areas that are delivered by industry.

We are looking for projects that don’t just improve the situation of participants in the project. We are also looking for outcomes to help other industry employers, and the construction industry as a whole.