About the CPCS logbook

The role of a CPCS Logbook is to record life-long learning. It is especially useful when renewing your Blue Competent Operator Card as it is the cheapest option and provides the necessary evidence to support the renewal.

There are several other routes you can use to demonstrate that you have kept up with your knowledge and skills in a plant category(s) when you renew your Blue Competent Operator Card. These routes however, tend to cost money.

Use of the logbook is voluntary and it is the cheapest option to use when renewing this card card.

Your logbook can keep a record of all the operating activities, testing, training and employment that you have had over time.

If you choose to renew your card using a CPCS Logbook, make sure you:

A Logbook is automatically sent out to your home address when your first Blue Competent Operator card is issued.