Apprentice information on Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

How does it work?

On the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme you will be fully employed from the first day of your training in the trade of your choice, and will be placed with a range of different contractors to work towards your Apprenticeship.

What the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme can do for you

  • We’ll give you exposure to, and experience of, a wide range ofcompanies, contractors and sites
  • We’ll organise your training with acollege in your area and support you every step of the way, with regular reviews every 12 weeks both on site and in college
  • At the end of your Apprenticeship you’ll get a valuable qualification that employers all over thecountry will recognise
  • You’ll be employed from the day you start your training and the wage you get will go up as you continue with your Apprenticeship
  • You’ll complete the course with a prosperous career in sight; the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme will provide you with a whole host of employment opportunities. 

Apprentice testimonial

“Constructing the Future Lancashire (CtFL) has given me not only a job, but the support to work towards my qualifications, and get valuable experience along the way.”

Rachel Prescott, Painter and Decorator

Contact information

For further details on a scheme in your area, please select an appropriate scheme, and speak with a SAS Co-ordinator:

Constructing the Future (Merseyside & Cheshire)

Francis Hughes CITB SAS Co-Ordinator , Tel: 07770 838192 ,Email:

Constructing the Future Lancashire (Lancashire & Cumbria)

Sharon Johnson CITB SAS Co-Ordinator,  Tel: 07747 766407, Email:  

CoTrain (W. Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berks, Bucks, Oxon)

Tel: 0118 9207 200, Email:

Evolve (London)

Daniel Stone CITB SAS Co-Ordinator, Tel: 07810 055450, Email:

TrAC (Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Kent, E.Sussex)

Marti Scott CITB SAS Co-Ordinator, Tel: 07881 501302, Email:

YORfuture (Yorkshire and Humber)

Caroline Key CITB SAS CO-Ordinator, Tel: 07887 833183, Email:

SWSA (South West England)

Sarah Duignan CITB SAS Co-Ordinator, Tel: 07471 025774, Email:

SHAC (Scottish Highlands)

Tel: 07551 736088, Email:

ASAP (Angus)

Tel: 01241 438153. Email:

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