Wales governance and advisory groups

Find out about our how CITB governance structure work and how we consult with industry through our Advisory Groups

Following the Welsh Assembly Government’s recognition of the sector’s contribution to the Welsh economy in the Ministerial statement issued 28th March 2011, we will work with key industry stakeholders to provide the sectors’ SME businesses with skills development, business support and public procurement assistance and support the transition towards a low carbon future. 

Wales Governance/Advisory Groups

Find out how CITB governance structure works and how we consult with industry through our Advisory Groups.  Information contains membership lists and descriptions on how the groups contribute to the further development of important industry/skills/qualifications agendas relating to Construction.  

Welsh Construction Skills Group

This Committee is made up of senior figures from both the Welsh construction industry and key stakeholders who seek to ensure that CITB Wales is delivering to its plan and holds accountable its performance as well as providing advice and guidance to the other groups listed here. 

Chairperson: Robert Williams, WRW Construction Ltd.
Deputy Chairperson: To be confirmed
CITB Contact:

Welsh Skills, Qualifications and Careers Advisory Group

The group acts as a consultation body for ConstructionSkills’ Standards and Qualifications Strategic Committee (S&QSC) and its sub-committees to ensure that the nation is appropriately represented in the development and implementation of the ConstructionSkills’ Strategy Wales Action plan.

Chairperson: Rhodri Gwynn-Jones, The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA)
Deputy Chairperson: To be confirmed
CITB Contact:

All Wales Professional Services Employers Group

The Professional Services Sector Employer Group was established to identify the issues facing the professional sector and to raise awareness of the advice and support available to them.

Chairperson:  Ann-Marie Smale, Powell Dobson Architects
Deputy Chairperson:  To be confirmed
CITB Contact:

Wales BIM Task Group

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) Hub was formed in Wales in July 2012 to provide support for the Welsh construction industry.  Supporting the collaborative approach that is being led by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to champion employer-led skills change for the built environment sector and introducing BIM to industry processes are among the aims of the group.  Find out more by visiting the BIM Task Group website.

Chairperson: Clive Webb, Boyes Rees Architects
Deputy Chairperson: To be confirmed
CITB Contact:  

CSN Observatory Wales

The Construction Skills Network mission statement is to capture, co-ordinate and validate sector intelligence and provide advice on the impact of future trends in construction demand and supply in Wales.

Chairperson:  Mike Davis, Lovell
Deputy Chairperson:  Stuart Brisbane, Pick Everard
CITB Contact:

Built Environment SSC Group 

The main role of this group, on which CITB sits but which is run by SummitSkills, the Sector Skills Council for Building Services Engineering, is to look at cross cutting themes for the wider sector.  Its main focuses to date have been cross sector qualifications, future/green skills and professional sector needs.


Traditional & Sustainability Building Skills Advisory Group

The key role of this umbrella group is to act as a forum and advise on skills issues, especially to and through the Wales Built Environment Forum, as well as improving the delivery of both traditional building skills and sustainability.

Chairperson: Trevor Francis, Chartered Building Surveyor and Historic Building Consultant 
Deputy Chairperson: Nell Hellier, The Tywi Centre
CITB Contact:


Regional Advisory Fora

These groups bring together the key players of their regions, including Licensing Associations, Local Governments, Clients, Procurers, Key Project Managers, Education, Government and their support departments and the main membership being employers

North Wales Construction Forum  

Chairperson: Chris Wynne, C. Wynne & Sons Ltd.
Deputy Chairperson: Ffrancon Williams, Gwynedd Community Homes
CITB Contact:

South West Wales Construction Forum

Chairperson: Owain Jones, TRJ Ltd.
Deputy Chairperson: Anthony R. Thomas, A.S. Wellington
CITB Contact:

South East Wales Construction Forum

Chairperson: Gareth Davies, Britannia Construction Ltd.
Deputy Chairperson: Dawn Davies, Anthony A. Davies Ltd.
CITB Contact:

Wales Equal Opportunities Group

This Equality and Diversity-focused group was established to address all types of diversity issues within Wales in the short, medium and long term and to investigate how CITB can provide advice which will contribute to an increase in the diversity of those employed in the industry.

Chairperson: Wyn Prichard, CITB
CITB Contact:

External and UK ConstructionSkills Governance Groups

Cross Party Group: Construction

For information on the Cross Party Group for Construction, including a description of its role and membership, visit the National Assembly for Wales website.

Chairperson: Joyce Watson, AM

Governance and Advisory Charts 

CITB wider network in Wales (PDF, 176 KB)