Heart of the South West Case Study

Heart of South West

CITB are working in partnership with the LEPs, employers and other key stakeholders to understand the skills market though co-designing, co-investing and co-delivering place based construction skills strategy that is evidence based on the demand for skills and the pipeline of supply of those skills.

CITB and the Heart of the South West LEP: Working together to co-design a construction employment and skills strategy

Geographic Coverage: Heart of the South West LEP area

CITB has agreed to form a strategic partnership with the Heart of the South West (HotSW) LEP to address a number of common priorities and objectives including:

  • Facilitating the conditions for growth through a focus on business, people and local enablers.
  • Ensuring clear, appropriate and coordinated skills support for local businesses in order to improve workforce skills and maximise productivity/ employment opportunities
  • Supporting individuals with accurate and up to date Careers Information Advice and Guidance to help them make informed career decisions, maximise their skills potential and move into sustained employment.
  • Meeting the construction worker demand created throughout the development period of the pipeline of local construction projects including consideration for Hinkley Point and Plymouth.
  • Addressing the wider construction skills shortage across the locality by addressing youth unemployment, low participation in post 16 learning and Higher Education aspirations and supporting the construction sector to meet growth demand in the wider HotSW area.
  • Maximising job opportunities created for local people in the HotSW area and as a result enabling a sustainable community.

Under the strategic partnership CITB and the HotSW are looking to develop the following:

  • a co-designed construction employment and skills strategy
  • supporting Programme/ Project plan
  • investment options to enable delivery of the strategy.

The strategy will seek to ensure that a pipeline of appropriately qualified local people from a wide cross-section of backgrounds are available to meet the identified local skills and employment outcomes.  It will clearly define how co-investment can be achieved and potential mechanisms for co-delivery. The strategy will be supported and informed by the development of a comprehensive evidence base that will provide information to support decision making and help ensure that the vision and objectives for the HotSW LEP and CITB are met.