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Construction Skills Network forecasts 2019-2023 - UK

The Construction Skills Network (CSN) provides market intelligence and insight for the UK construction industry. This report covers the entire UK.

Young people not in education, training or work

Building 'social capital' - improving young people’s employability skills and motivation - is key to increasing construction opportunities for under-represented young people.

Pre-employment interventions

The report found a range of pre-employment interventions including information, skills training, employer engagement and work experience can help address the skills shortage.

Work readiness

While employers place great importance on work experience, they are less likely to offer it because of a lack of time, resources or suitable roles.

Post-16 routes into construction

CSN figures show construction opportunities abound. However, routes into construction require improvement; employers and colleges need to collaborate on course content and training needs.

Unlocking construction’s digital future: A skills plan for industry

This CITB report shows how modern technologies can raise productivity, increase efficiency and help attract people to the sector.

Local Construction Skills Needs for Scotland

This CITB report gives a detailed five-year overview of skills, demand and supply in the Scottish construction industry at a regional level.

Migration in the UK construction industry and built environment sector

This CITB report provides fresh evidence to help inform decision-making by the UK Government, the construction sector and CITB in the run-up to, and following, Brexit.

CBE: Skills transferability in the UK

A CITB report and supplementary green paper to understand the potential of skills transferability into, and within the UK construction sector.

Building engagement: Encouraging leadership in construction

This report investigates the links between leadership and engagement within construction companies. It highlights practical steps that can be taken to improve business in the construction industry.