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Migration in the UK construction industry and built environment sector

CITB’s Green Paper provides fresh evidence to help inform decision-making by the UK Government, the construction sector and CITB in the run-up to, and following, Brexit.

The report, published on 9 July 2018, found that while more employers are feeling the impact of Brexit, less than a third have taken action or plan to do so as it approaches.

The report updates CITB’s 2017 migration research and found that:

  • One in three construction employers are feeling the impact of Brexit, up 9% from last year.
  • Nearly half expect the recruitment of skilled workers to become more difficult over the next two years. Just 4% expect this to get easier.
  • Less than a third has taken action as Brexit approaches, or plan on doing so.
  • Only 8% of surveyed employers who have started making Brexit contingency plans said they will increase training.
  • Keeping hold of the workers they currently employ is the most important aim to employers in the run-up to Brexit.

CITB’s data was collated from 244 migrant workers, 400 employers and 50 recruitment agents. This year’s report contains a detailed Q&A on the demographic of the UK migrant workforce. 

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